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Masala gobi Paratha Recipe In Hindi | Delicious masala gobi Paratha | M...

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Ingredient for Masala gobi Paratha  Recipe 

·        250 gm wheat flour

·        Salt

·        10 gm oil

·        2 onion

·        2 simla mirch or capsicum

·        Small slice Gobi

Masala gobi Paratha (Making Process)

·        Put 2 tea spoon  oil in to the pan put slice onion and simla mirch / capsicum

·        fry 5 min then put turmeric and red chili powder ginger garlic paste

·        tomato, garama masala, then put slice cauliflower , salt

·        fry that mix till dry at last sprinkle coriander leave , wait till cool

·        250 gm wheat flour, salt, 10 gm oil make a dough add water and knead into a dough. Wait for 2 to 3 hours 

·        make small balls add put Masala gobi mix in to the ball like me

·        roll that balls like round shape then  fry with oil in tawa pan

·        roll that balls like round shape then fry with oil.

·        follow my video

·        its very health breakfast for all.


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