Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cuttack Nagar Barasa Hajara Cuttack D Silver City

Cuttack The Silver City of India Cuttack,  the former capital and one of
the oldest cities of Orissa is the administrative headquarters of the

The town is situated at the apex of the delta formed by the
rivers Mahanadi in the North and Kathajodi in the South. It serves as a
convenient base for touring the various places of interest in the
district. Cuttack Spreading from east to west, a narrow strip of land is
what comprises Cuttack. With two topographical divisions, namely, the
hilly terrain on the west and Mahanadi delta plains in the east, this
densely populated city is highly fertile. Owing its fertility to the
water bodies functioning as tributaries of Mahanadi river system,
Cuttack is a major producer of rice. 

Cuttack durga Puja chandi medha