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Egg less Sponge Cake Recipe | Egg less Cake without condensed milk and butter

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Ingredient for Egg less Sponge Cake Recipe 

  • 500 gm maida flour
  • 500 gm sugar Powder
  • 250 Dalda Ghee
  • 100 gm butter
  • vanilla essence
  • baking powder 1 tablespoon
  • salt
  • milk
  • kaju, kismis, cherry

Egg less Sponge Cake Recipe (Making Process)

  • measure 500 gm maida and stain maidaby using  strainer add 1 tablespoon baking powder .
  • stain Sugar powder by using strainer  again measure 500 gm sugar
  • add ghee on a Bowl  and add sugar , salt,coco powder mix ghee
  • and sugar and make till became  Sponge, add vanilla essence
  • again mix well
  • add 500 gm maida in ghee and sugar mix   add milk on it and make a paste .

  • store that paste in your over pan put  that pan  in oven or pressure cooker put kaju, kismis, cherry in the paste. 

  • follow above video

  • mix powder sugar with 100 gm  butter for
  • making cream use kaju, kismis, cherry for
  • design, you can design your cake  as you like

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