Friday, March 30, 2018

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School Library

The school has two libraries, one each in the senior and junior wings with approximately 11054 titles. The Senior Library has a Career Guidance Corner with books related to competitive exams. Every year Oxford Subscription Company & Scholastic organize book exhibitions in the school libraries in collaboration with our English Department.

Science Park

Adarsh Gurukul Public School Cuttack strives to provide holistic education to its students. In view of this, the school has developed a Science Park wherein the students can learn the simple concepts of science while having fun with the rides. The school also has a Herbal Garden which boasts of many herbs and plants of medicinal value; all being taken care of by the students.

Play Groud for Sports

The school has a playground, a basketball court a badminton court and two volleyball courts. The school also offers the following indoor games: (a) Carrom (b) Chess (c) Table Tennis (d) Dart.

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